Can Southampton keep Adam Lallana and Luke Shaw this summer?

When Nicola Cortese left Southampton in January there were mixed opinions among the Southampton fanbase.

Many were happy to see him go having never warmed to his ruthless style and his ‘disrespect’ of the club’s history. Others were worried about what this meant for the club’s future, having progressed season by season under the Italian.

Since the new board have taken their places they have done so with an air of ‘optimistic caution’. They were quick to point out that the financial situation left behind by Cortese was ‘difficult’, though based on the TV money coming in next season it didn’t look so bad to me.

They have also been actively engaging with the fans, something Cortese was criticised for not doing. Rekindling lost relationships with club legends, hinting at a return to stripes and club traditions and even subsidising tickets…

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