Happy St. Markus Day!

On the 8th July 2009, Saints were rescued by Markus Liebherr, we started the 2009/10 season at the foot of the League One table on -10 points. Just three years later we await our return to the Premier League this coming season.

Thank you Markus. R.I.P.

Happy St. Markus Day.


14 thoughts on “Happy St. Markus Day!”

      1. I dont like Margaret Thatcher Cameron Osborne and their ilk.
        I dont like Monarchists.
        I dont like royal patronage
        I dont like the Royal family parasites all of them,
        I dont like Prince Phillip or the Queen they should be put on trial for the murder of Diana Princess of Wales
        I dont like constitutional monarchy
        I dont like anti europeans
        I dont like english society
        I dont like the City and its network of exclusive gentlemens’ clubs
        I dont like sloppy english
        I am a republican.
        I am a Saints supporter.
        Does that answer your question???

      1. Very eloquently put for an englishman lolll
        I dont like Karl Marx either, or his friend Engels.
        But I dont believe in kissing arse either and if you want to spend your life touching your forelock to the monarchy you have got a problem son.
        By the way since when were the Middletons royal??
        Question: do you believe the royals were born to rule??
        What makes them better than you??
        Any idea how much of your taxes goes to maintaining that shower?
        No thought not…

    1. No.. I’m just reacting to a thatcherite – its a free country after all. He can also leave the Isle of Wight alone we don’t need independence we need a republican democratic state and a free fair society which we have never had,
      He cannot complain having stated his political views on an apolitical football site he can expect to be shot down, mercilessly.

  1. Echoed wholeheartedly!

    The man has assured his position in Saints folklore – such a shame he isn’t around to see his vision come true. Respect forever to St Markus

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