Just what is going on at Southampton?

I write this blog post with some trepidation. This is purely my opinion on what is happening behind the scenes at St. Mary’s, amid many opinions that can be found and vary from the conceivable to the conspiracy theory to the ridiculous.

Many people are asking the same questions.

Why are all of our best players desperate to get out of the club? Many fans believe that something must be seriously wrong behind the scenes for them all to suddenly want to go. Well, let’s examine the ones that have gone so far and the ones that might be about to happen.

Rickie Lambert – Liverpool. Champions League football, significant payrise, final chance to represent his boyhood club.

Luke Shaw – Manchester United. Biggest club in the country, significant payrise, regular trophy winners.

Adam Lallana – Liverpool. Champions…

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One thought on “Just what is going on at Southampton?”

  1. Really good article. Good to keep a level head. Saints clearly have a plan. Although there has been some naivety at the top at times, I think they know what they are doing.
    And if a player is upsetting the others and wanting to leave, and another club wants to pay a ridiculous amount for them, let them go.

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