Mauricio Pochettino: An open reply to new Spurs manager who left Southampton

After Mauricio Pochettino decided to become the next man to get sacked by Daniel Levy he wrote an open letter to the fans of Saints thanking them for his 18 months at the club. This is my open reply,


Thank you for the last 16 months as manager of Southampton Football Club, that’s right 16, you might want to check your maths on that one. It was a pleasure to support you and your coaching staff given that you gave us what, it has to be said, is some of the most attractive football I have ever seen at St. Mary’s, possibly anywhere in the Premier League.

You say ‘We have been on an incredible journey’ like it’s over. It’s far from over Mo, you were just a stop a long the way. Like a service station…

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10 thoughts on “Mauricio Pochettino: An open reply to new Spurs manager who left Southampton”

  1. Agrded. He did trat the FA like a steaming pile of Hotspur. Better to see a disloyal snake cut and run than offer him the world to stay.

  2. Hmm he sounds slightly bitter. …which i take as a compliment. He must of been loved a lot to evoke such a response. Don’t worry mate u will recover. Good clubs always do. But poch would be mad to turn this opportunity down. It’s the biggest job available in the prem. Well it was anyway. Go poch!!!

  3. If he achieves at spurs he will just move to an even bigger club. Southampton have to face facts that they are just a bit player in a big game. Moving to a high profile club like Spurs will not damage his rep even if he fails and gets sacked . Staying at Southampton he would achieve nothing as they are not big enough to get even close to the glamour and the pay cheque. Sad but true.

    1. Possibly so but then again if u thought like that you would never show ambition with your signings…..things do change over time. Who would of thought southampton would of spent 15 million on one player 5 years ago

      1. “things do change over time.”

        Would Pochettino wait 5-10 years for Southamton to grow or move to Spurs and improve on Spurs?

        Sad, but time and money is more lucrative than loyalty.

  4. Gotta agree with the could do better at maths comment, does MP not realise that in Levy’s world a year is one month in anybody elses calendar.

  5. Hold on a minute. Leavey might be ruthless but he is right. When you give a manager 3 mill in wages and spend a fortune on 7 new players he would expect at the very least for that manager to be able to win another 3 or 4 games with teams lower placed than us. AVB and tim didn’t know what to do against teams like West ham, cardiff, fulham etc to get the 3 wins needed to catch Arsenal up. Last season we needed one win to go above them with bale ffs!! He still couldn’t do it. What did you expect leavey to do? Keep paying and backing these managers that don’t know how to win matches we should be walking away with. Wenger, mourinho, redknapp all know how to turn a situation round to get the points needed. I know H did it but he got a little above his station towards the end and you don’t do that wirh leavey. May mopo can get those 3 or 4 extra wins, after all that’s all were talking about. Keep searchin Daniel and stay ruthless. COYS

  6. A very bitter letter. You’ve overlooked the fact that Pochettino said before any offers were on the table that if Cortese left that he’d also have to look at leaving. Not only that but when Mauricio was wanted last November, he clearly stated that he wouldn’t leave Southampton halfway through the season. Now he comes to the end of the season, sees that the best of the players that he has developed are going to be sold to his direct rivals and wants to move to a club that has a better squad suited to his style and doesn’t have to sell all his best players as soon as they get good. I hope Southampton keep doing well but credit where its due, under Atkins you were just about in the prem, a season and a half later youre a proper top half team…

    1. Not bitter at all, just a response to an insincere, patronising letter. For what it’s worth I don’t think you have a squad more suited to his style at all. You have a lot of great players of course but he will need to add to it to match his high pressing game. Can’t really see Adebayor or Soldado playing the forward role he expects.

      You seem to have forgotten what happened with Gareth Bale and Lukaku Modric. There’s always a bigger fish. Sadly there is no loyalty in football these days and I look forward to you all slagging Poch off when he only finishes 5th in his first season….

  7. Pochettino brought flair and dynamism to Southampton’s football but he did not build the current squad. The pressing game and the passing game is Pochettino but the talent, the grit and the team spirit comes from within the club. It’s not going to be transferred over to Spurs with the outgoing manager although I can see they expect that. The reality is the Spurs manager’s job is a poisoned chalice because the expectation there is beyond the financial means of the club. Money defines the scale of success over club history and expectation and no flapping by any owner or board will change that. Spendthrift Arsenal have absolutely proven that over the last ten seasons. Pochettino isn’t moving into success as many think but he is moving out of success. The Spurs owners have defined a brand of success impossible to reach for their managers in the time their given. Pochettino hasn’t enough experience to meet that and the pressure will fall on him dramatically from the beginning. For him I believe it’s a glamour move but a hollow move just like it was for AVB. However, the vacant position at Southampton is an opportunity for a skillfull and alert new manager becasue Southampton still has a strong base and will have a decent squad next year and importantly a lack of unrealistic expectation.

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