Mo When The Saints….

‘With Great Moustache Comes Great Responsibility.’

Hero is a strong word, and not one I would use lightly, but for me Francis Benali falls into that category rather comfortably.

Benali was the epitome of a dedicated footballer, and you knew that if Saints took to the pitch with eleven ‘shrinking violets’, there would be one uncompromising warrior. The hometown hero. The hardman.

Benali embodied everything that was the mid-90’s Saints. The underdog, the battler, never knew when they  were beaten.

And what separated Benali from others like him was his moustache. Benali had sported his pushbroom since the age of 15, and it made the man the cult hero that he was. Facial hair was a thing of the past as the Premier League era took off, but Benali, typically contemptuous wore his with a fervent pride.

Winner of the Red Stripe ‘Best Left Back in the World’ award circa 1995, beating Paolo Maldini (though the categories of moustaches, hardness and curries were rather in his favour).

Benali. Moustache wearer. Hardman. Hero.

For the first time this year I have decided to take part in ‘Movember’ to raise both money and awareness for men’s health issues. It seemed fitting to me that I should style my top lip hair attempt on that of Benali. No thrills, no nonsense, just a great tache.

My aim by the end of Movember is to be able to recreate this action pose (though I don’t have that shirt in a large, so any help with that would be appreciated):-

To support my efforts (please be aware the end result is likely to be poor) you can donate at:- Every penny really does count.

You can follow the efforts of my OC Sport colleagues and I at:- and on our MOC Sport Movember blog here:-

Thanks for your support!


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