Big Summer Quiz – Answers – The 80’s

For me this was the hardest round so far, but some very impressive scores!

The answers were:-

  1. Alan Shearer scored a hat-trick on his Saints debut in 1988 – who got the other goal in a 4-2 win? (1pt) Mark Blake
  2. FA Cup Winner Nick Holmes played his last game for Saints in which season? (1pt) 1986/87
  3. When Saints finished 2nd in 83/84, who else finished in the top 4? (3pts) Liverpool, Nottingham Forest, Man United
  4. In December 1984, our captain became disillusioned and asked for a transfer (sounds familiar) – Who was this? (1pt) Steve Williams
  5. Lawrie McMenemy left for Sunderland in 1985 – How many months did he last there? (1pt) 22 Months. He left just as they were about to be relegated to Division 3!
  6. Name the 3 players from the England 1982 World Cup squad who played for Saints at some point in the 1980s and which one was a current Saints player at the time? (4pts) Mick Mills, Peter Shilton and the current was Kevin Keegan
  7. Which year saw the first kit sponsor? And what were the kit sponsors for the 80’s in order? (5pts) 1980. Rank Xerox, Air Florida, Draper/Draper Tools
  8. Who were the 3 teams who knocked Saints out in our three European campaigns in the 80s? (3pts) Norrkopping, Sporting Lisbon, Hamburg
  9. Which 80s cult hero did we sell to Oxford in 1982 and then (for reasons unknown), re-sign in 1985 before finally selling to Millwall in 1987? (1pt) George Lawrence
  10. Who did Saints sign Colin Clarke from and how many goals did he get in his first season? (2pts) AFC Bournemouth, 22 goals!

So, there was a total of 21 points to be achieved, here is the updated leader board:-

Position Team 90’s Derby Day 80’s Total
1st thommo23 13 13 20 46
2nd Lets B Avenue N/A 8 20 28
FC GASH 9 8 11 28
ericofarabia 6 3 19 28
Saint Arrow 9 6 13 28
6th JackoSFC 6 7 13 26
7th Antineil 7 4 13 24
Team Dougal 11 N/A 13 24
9th Insert Joe Kinnear 4 6 12 22
AJE2016 9 3 10 22
11th Le God Squad 7 2 12 21
12th Tony Adams N/A N/A 19 19
13th Nile Ranger Stole My Bike 7 2 9 18
14th Andy Robinson 2 5 9 16
15th Duffer N/A N/A 13 13
16th Beige Brigade 12 N/A N/A 12
Terry Couzens 10 2 N/A 12
Smithy Saint 6 0 6 12
19th Maiidment 11 N/A N/A 11
20th Jason Dodd’s Corner N/A 1 9 10
21st Chris Garrett 9 N/A N/A 9
FC Farcelona 9 N/A N/A 9
Insert Witty Name Here 9 N/A N/A 9
Kinglsand Ultras 9 N/A N/A 9
Liebherr Wonderland 6 3 N/A 9
26th FC AD 8 N/A N/A 8
Mike the Leeds Saint 8 N/A N/A 8
Olympique Lemonade 8 N/A N/A 8
Simon Southampton 8 N/A N/A 8
Top Doggs 8 N/A N/A 8
L1Minus10 N/A 8 N/A 8
SFC Casuals N/A 8 N/A 8
Ian Brown 5 3 N/A 8
34th Joe Jenness 7 N/A N/A 7
Matty Earle 7 N/A N/A 7
Simon FCRubbish 7 N/A N/A 7
Nervous Pilchard 5 2 N/A 7
38th Jack 6 N/A N/A 6
Saint Andrew 6 N/A N/A 6
Sandy AFC 6 N/A N/A 6
Too Puel for School 6 N/A N/A 6
42nd I’m a Jinx 5 N/A N/A 5
Saint Christopher 3 2 N/A 5
44th Austin Rovers 4 N/A N/A 4
Davros United 4 N/A N/A 4
Scrotal Saints 4 N/A N/A 4
Sparks 4 N/A N/A 4
Tarlton Athletic 4 N/A N/A 4
Zippy N/A 4 N/A 4
Scrote City N/A N/A 4 4
51st Guly Dell Prados 3 N/A N/A 3
MZC 3 N/A N/A 3
Steve & Alex 3 N/A N/A 3
Team Chapel shhhh 3 N/A N/A 3
55th Easy Rider 2 N/A N/A 2
Kazzaroonie 2 N/A N/A 2
Rattley 2 N/A N/A 2
Rich74 2 N/A N/A 2
59th Claude Puels attacking flair 1 N/A N/A 1

Big Summer Quiz Category 3 – The 80’s

I think it is fair to say that the questions so far have been tough, and to keep that tradition going I’ve not gambled by trying to write questions for eras prior to the 90’s myself. To that end thanks to Glen over at League 1 Minus 10 for setting the 80’s challenge!

Big Summer Quiz – Answers – Derby Day

Perhaps a better round knowledge wise on this one, and still an impressive lack of googling.

The answers were:-

  1. What was unusual about a derby fixture at the Dell in 1939? (1 pt) Pompey paraded their recently won FA Cup trophy to rounds of applause!
  2. Whose mazy run and chip led to the opening goal in the 1996 FA Cup derby win? (1pt) Gordon Watson
  3. Who said ‘We’re in the fifth round, picked up £4.50 in loose change and two pounds of bananas.’ after a highly charged game at Fratton Park? (1pt) Lawrie McMenemy
  4. Which former Pompey player got his only win as Saints’ boss in a derby? (1pt) Steve Wigley
  5. Whose testimonial at Fratton in 1994 did Saints help celebrate by scoring 5 times? (1 pt) Alan Knight
  6. Name the Saints scorers in Q5. (5 pts) Iain Dowie, Neil Maddison, Craig Maskell, Jeff Kenna & David Hughes
  7. I played for Saints in 1996-97 and Pompey 2004-05 who am I? (1pt) Eyal Berkovic
  8. Who replaced Michael Svensson after he was injured in the warm up of the 2004 game at Fratton? (1pt) Stephen Crainey
  9. Who scored the first Pompey goal in the last derby? (1pt) Chris Maguire
  10. I played for Pompey in 1989-92 and Saints 1998-2000 who am I? (1pt) John Beresford

So, there was a total of 14 points to be achieved, here is the updated leader board:-

Position Team 90’s Derby Day Total
1st thommo23 13 13 26
2nd FC GASH 9 8 17
3rd Saint Arrow 9 6 15
4th JackoSFC 6 7 13
5th Beige Brigade 12 N/A 12
AJE2016 9 3 12
Terry Couzens 10 2 12
8th Maiidment 11 N/A 11
Team Dougal 11 N/A 11
10th Insert Joe Kinnear 4 6 10
11th Chris Garrett 9 N/A 9
FC Farcelona 9 N/A 9
Insert Witty Name Here 9 N/A 9
Kinglsand Ultras 9 N/A 9
Liebherr Wonderland 6 3 9
Le God Squad 7 2 9
ericofarabia 6 3 9
Nile Ranger Stole My Bike 7 2 9
19th FC AD 8 N/A 8
Mike the Leeds Saint 8 N/A 8
Olympique Lemonade 8 N/A 8
Simon Southampton 8 N/A 8
Top Doggs 8 N/A 8
L1Minus10 N/A 8 8
SFC Casuals N/A 8 8
Lets B Avenue N/A 8 8
Ian Brown 5 3 8
28th Antineil 7 N/A 7
Joe Jenness 7 N/A 7
Matty Earle 7 N/A 7
Simon FCRubbish 7 N/A 7
Nervous Pilchard 5 2 7
Andy Robinson 2 5 7
34th Jack 6 N/A 6
Saint Andrew 6 N/A 6
Sandy AFC 6 N/A 6
Smithy Saint 6 0 6
Too Puel for School 6 N/A 6
39th I’m a Jinx 5 N/A 5
Saint Christopher 3 2 5
41st Austin Rovers 4 N/A 4
Davros United 4 N/A 4
Scrotal Saints 4 N/A 4
Sparks 4 N/A 4
Tarlton Athletic 4 N/A 4
Zippy N/A 4 4
Antineil N/A 4 4
48th Guly Dell Prados 3 N/A 3
MZC 3 N/A 3
Steve & Alex 3 N/A 3
Team Chapel shhhh 3 N/A 3
52nd Easy Rider 2 N/A 2
Kazzaroonie 2 N/A 2
Rattley 2 N/A 2
Rich74 2 N/A 2
56th Jason Dodd’s Corner N/A 1 1
Claude Puels attacking flair 1 N/A 1

Big Summer Quiz Category 2 – Derby Day!

After a fantastic start, let’s see how you fare with the 2nd category! Derby Day!

All these questions will be related to matches, incidents and trivia regarding our relationship with our poor relations down the M27! Good Luck!


Big Summer Quiz – Answers – The 90’s

So that is that for the first round of the Big Saints Summer Quiz!

Some very impressive entries and some clear lack of googling (and knowledge) on show! Very impressed.

The answers were:-

  1. Who was the manager when Dave Beasant joined the club and who was when he left? (2 pts) Ian Branfoot & Graeme Souness
  2. Who scored the consolation goal for Swindon Town in the 5-1 victory in 1993? (1 pt) Craig ‘The Dell’ Maskell
  3. Name 2 of the 3 Saints subs in the 6-3 win over Manchester Utd? (2 pts) The three subs were Graham Potter, Jim Magilton & Gordon Watson
  4. Name all of the shirt sponsors of the 90’s in correct order. (Up to 5 pts) Draper/Draper Tools, Dimplex, Sanderson, Friends Provident. 1 point for each and a bonus for the correct order.
  5. Who scored more Premier League goals for Saints? Paul Tisdale or Stuart Ripley? (1 pt) Neither. They both scored 1.
  6. Which 90’s manager took charge of the most games? (1 pt) Ian Branfoot
  7. Only one Saints player kicked a ball at a World Cup finals in the 90’s. Who? (1 pt) Egil Ostenstad. He was a late sub for Norway in their draw with Scotland in the group stages of France 98.
  8. Who did Saints sign Patrick Colleter from in 1998? (1 pt) Marseille
  9. Who was the player of the season in 1992/93? (1 pt) Tim Flowers
  10. How old was Peter Reid on his Saints debut? (1 pt) 37

So, there was a total of 16 points to be achieved, here is the first leader board:-

Position Team 90’s Total
1st thommo23 13 13
2nd Beige Brigade 12 12
3rd Maiidment 11 11
Team Dougal 11 11
5th Terry Couzens 10 10
6th AJE2016 9 9
Chris Garrett 9 9
FC Farcelona 9 9
Insert Witty Name Here 9 9
Kinglsand Ultras 9 9
Saint Arrow 9 9
13th FC AD 8 8
Mike the Leeds Saint 8 8
Olympique Lemonade 8 8
Simon Southampton 8 8
Top Doggs 8 8
18th Antineil 7 7
Joe Jenness 7 7
Le God Squad 7 7
Matty Earle 7 7
Nile Ranger Stole My Bike 7 7
Simon FCRubbish 7 7
24th ericofarabia 6 6
Jack 6 6
JackoSFC 6 6
Liebherr Wonderland 6 6
Saint Andrew 6 6
Sandy AFC 6 6
Smithy Saint 6 6
Too Puel for School 6 6
32nd Ian Brown 5 5
I’m a Jinx 5 5
Nervous Pilchard 5 5
35th Austin Rovers 4 4
Davros United 4 4
Insert Joe Kinnear 4 4
Scrotal Saints 4 4
Sparks 4 4
Tarlton Athletic 4 4
41st Guly Dell Prados 3 3
MZC 3 3
Saint Christopher 3 3
Steve & Alex 3 3
Team Chapel shhhh 3 3
46th Andy Robinson 2 2
Easy Rider 2 2
Kazzaroonie 2 2
Rattley 2 2
Rich74 2 2
51st Claude Puels attacking flair 1 1

Big Summer Quiz Category 1 – The 90’s!

So for some distraction from the nonsense talk of transfers/managers/takeovers I thought it might be fun to have a quiz!

All the answers will likely be googleable. Up to you. It’s just for fun. There is no prizes. Make sure you keep your Team Name consistent between rounds (and also hilarious).

I don’t know how many catergories there will be yet, but when we are on the final category I will declare it. Good Luck.

Category 1:- The 1990’s.

We know what you did this Summer….

As usual Saints have entered the close season in their usual, quiet understated fashion.

When I was a kid there used to be ‘i-spy’ books. There were numerous subjects, ‘At the Seaside’ for example. The end goal being that you could take the kids on trips to the beach and they could take in some free Summer education in the handy form of checking things off a list in a book and trying to complete it (or translated, piss off and find things and stop bothering you while you crack into Bravo Two Zero and a serious case of sunburn). For instance, if you see a rockpool, tick it off, a starfish tick it off? A nice idea.

I wonder if Saints fans of a similar age to me would be thinking it would be nice if they release a ‘Southampton FC Summer’ version of this book to give to their kids.

The main flaw being that they would have completed the f*%king thing now and it’s only June 10th.

Key players linked to other clubs – Tick it off.

Managerial upheaval – Tick it off.

Star Player having social media sulk – Tick it off.

Liverpool – Tick it off.

Takeover rumours – Tick it off.

Let’s face it, it isn’t going to last the Summer Holidays.

So what do Saints do next? That’s the million dollar question. In fact that’s the billion dollar question. A million dollars is pocket change in football today.

If the stories coming out about Van Dijk meeting Jurgen Klopp are true, then the player, his agent, Klopp and Liverpool FC have behaved abysmally. We might expect that from the latter three but it is a very disappointing chain of events from our captain. All this was taking place while he was in rehabilitation from his injury, and while he chose not to attend the end of season awards. I’ve heard of bored housewives flirting with other men, but bored centre halves with other clubs?

Take me with you Adam…

Perhaps the armband is a curse. Predecessors Lallana and Fonte tarnished their status in Saints folklore by the way they behaved in forcing exits from the club, and the club’s perhaps over easy stance on that is a contributory factor in Virgil thinking he can do the same. This might explain the ‘enough is enough’ comments and the Premier League complaint.

The whole situation stinks and nobody comes out of it smelling like roses. What the club does next is key in maintaining any respect. If they still end up selling to Liverpool (even at the rumoured £75 million asking price) it would look weak, but if they were the only bidder perhaps understandable. If someone else now bids that then I would suggest accepting it and moving on.

So who should be the new Captain? There are many worthy candidates. Steven Davis? Oriol Romeu? Would be no complaints from me if either of these men got it, but in the spirit of election season let me put forward another name…. Maya Yoshida.

Maya’s performances last season were fantastic in VVD’s absence. He appears to be one player who is perfectly content with his life at St. Mary’s and he probably isn’t going to be having his head turned by bigger clubs anytime soon.

And what for our old friend Claude Puel? I’m of the opinion that he already knows his time is up and is playing ball regarding staying quiet about it as part of his compensation package. I’m sure once a successor is finalised we will be able to say adieu to one of the unluckiest managers in Premier League history. Don’t get me wrong, although I defended Claude for a long time I do think it is right that he moves on, the run in to the season was a frustrating watch, the football was dire and my hunch is that many of the players had lost interest in playing for him.

Who will be the new man in the hottest seat in football? Who knows? I’m desperately trying to not get my hopes up that it could be Thomas Tuchel but PLEASE LET IT BE THOMAS TUCHEL. That would represent a massive coup for the club and if we can couple that with not selling half our team we might even come out of this Summer with relatively positive attitudes?

Are you our new dad?

As for the takeover of the club by Chinese company Lander’s Sports, your guess is as good as mine as to what is going on. Reports in China say it is completed, reports in the UK say it isn’t, but there is a time difference, so you know?

Let’s face it nobody knows anything about them, so inevitably the first year will be a time of uncertainty. The Liebherr administration has insisted that the day to day running of the club won’t change and that is a deal breaker, we’ve no reason not to trust them on that. Changes in ownership can see fantastic improvements in some cases (Chelsea, Saints, Man City etc.) but also often come with disastrous consequences (Hull, Leyton Orient, Pompey etc.) It’s a gamble and one we can do little about.

As always we have to take a breath at this time of year and remind ourselves that players, managers, directors and owners are and always have been temporary. We (the fans) are Southampton Football Club. We are permanent.

Keep the faith.


Handy Summer guide for new fans!

In this ever modernising age, Saints have become a club with a far bigger catchment area than just Hampshire/the South Coast of England. As well as a significant rise in Southampton fandom internationally, recent successes have perhaps even persuaded local Southern kids to ditch any ill conceived ideas of supporting a bigger club from further afield.

To that end, it struck me that every Summer we will have new fans arriving in our midst, fresh faced and buoyant with unparalleled levels of optimism. We have to stamp that out. First and foremost being a Saints fan carries huge responsibility. Sure, enjoy the good times, but make absolutely certain you show your worst self at the ‘bad’ (chortle) times.

To help with that, we here at have come up with a handy flow chart for new supporters which simply explains how to react to any Saints based news over the Summer! Hope this helps!

Please enjoy this free cut out and keep brown paper bag for when it all becomes too much!

Keep the faith!



Yet again, the voting response to these awards was fantastic, it genuinely surprises me every time, and grows every year!

This is what everyone associated with Saints dreams of getting their hands on at the end of a season:-


So without further ado, here are YOUR winners….

Player of the Year

This was calculated like so:- Each player got 2 points for a vote as winner and one point for a vote as runner up. Here are all those that received votes and their points percentage.

Scored points:- Martin Caceres (<1%), Stuart Taylor (<1%), My Clitoris (<1%), The Penalty Spot (<1%), Jack Stephens (<1%), Manolo Gabbiadini (2%), Nathan Redmond (3%), Steven Davis (3%), Ryan Bertrand (4%),  James Ward-Prowse (5%), Maya Yoshida (10%)

3rd Place:- Cedric (11%)

2nd Place:- Virgil van Dijk (14%)

And the winner is……with a huge 48% of the points, after a stand out season in the middle of the park……

Most Improved Player

Received Votes:- Sam McQueen (2%), Oriol Romeu (3%), Cedric (12%)

3rd Place:- Jack Stephens (16%)

2nd Place:- James Ward-Prowse (28%)

And the winner is…… Jose who?

Young Player of the Year

Received Votes:- Thomas O’Connor (<1%), They’re all shit, I agree with Ronald (<1%), Nathan Redmond (4%), James Ward-Prowse (15%)

3rd Place:- Josh Sims (19%)

2nd Place:- Sam McQueen (20%)

And the winner is……

Unsung Hero

Received Votes:- Forbsey (1%), Claude Puel (1%), Eric Black (1%), Hugo Scheckter (1%), Oriol Romeu (1%), Stuart Taylor (1%), Jordy Clasie (2%), Jack Stephens (2%), Nathan Redmond (3%), Ryan Bertrand (4%), Cedric (15%)

3rd Place:-  James Ward-Prowse (17%)

2nd Place:- Steven Davis (21%)

And the winner is….

Signing of the Season

3rd Place:- That old keeper (<1%)

2nd Place:- Nathan Redmond (12%)

And the winner is…..

Performance of the Season (Team or Individual)

Received Votes:- Team v Sunderland (A) (<1%), Sims v Everton (H) (<1%), Forster v Liverpool (A) (<1%), Redmond v Watford (A) (<1%),  Tadic v Watford (A) (<1%), Team v Bournemouth (A) (<1%), van Dijk v Inter (H) (<1%), Team EFL Campaign (<1%), Team v Arsenal EFL (A) (<1%), Stephens v Liverpool (A) (<1%), Fans in Milan (2%), Team v Leicester (H) (2%), Gabbiadini initial impact (2%), Team v Liverpool EFL (H) (5%), Team v West Ham (H) (5%), Team v Inter (H) (5%)

3rd Place:- Team at Wembley (13%)

2nd Place:- Gabbiadini EFL Cup final (20%)

And the winner is…… Team v Liverpool EFL (A)

Goal of the Season

Received Votes:- Tadic v West Ham (<1%), Martina v Arsenal last season (<1%), Gabbiadini offside at Wembley (<1%), Bertrand v Bournemouth (<1%), Redmond v Watford (2%), Gabbiadini v Sunderland (2%), Boufal v Boro (2%), Gabbiadini v West Ham (3%), Clasie v WBA (5%), Rodriguez v Bournemouth (8%), Clasie v Arsenal (8%)

3rd Place:- Gabbiadini 2nd at Wembley (11%)

2nd Place:- Long v Liverpool (13%)

And the winner is…..

Comedy Moment

Received Votes:- Fonte’s countless interviews justifying his move (<1%), Bournemouth Fans (<1%), Cup Final Penalty Decision (<1%), Steven Davis being picked every week (<1%), Roger East reffing (<1%), John Stones defending (<1%), Puel celebration at Anfield (<1%), Pompey getting owned on Social Media (<1%), Les Reed went to Europe… (<1%), The League Campaign (<1%), Sims performance v Everton shoving it to Koeman (<1%), Shane Long (<1%), One Wayne Bridge Chant (<1%), Weak Long finishes (<1%), Cuco’s Moonwalk (<1%), Mike Dean (<1%), Puel Out Brigade (<1%), #cucobants (<1%), Forster’s save attempts (<1%), Palace Away (<1%), Liverpool not scoring in 4 games (<1%), Signing Caceres and not using him (<1%), Klopp believing Saints had an ‘agenda’ against them (<1%), Isgrove’s new contract (<1%), Long pen miss v Boro (<1%), Tadic pen v Hull (2%), Team’s finishing (2%), Hull at home (2%), The ‘song’ (2%), Fonte’s West Ham form (3%), Fonte getting his move to ‘United’ (3%), Harry Kane pen (3%), Not signing a centre half in January (4%),  Tadic & Austin penalty row (5%)

3rd Place:- Shane Long double substitution v Man City (11%)

2nd Place:- Fraser Forster’s clearance v Palace (13%)

And the winner is…. Ruining what have been the biggest moment in Bournemouth’s history….

Best Opposition Team

Received Votes:- Arsenal (<1%), Hull City (<1%)

3rd Place:- Man City (14%)

2nd Place:- Spurs (19%)

And the winner is…..

Best Opposition Player

Received Votes:- Sadio Mane (<1%), Officials (<1%), Stefano Okaka (<1%), Vincent Kompany (<1%), Victor Wanyama (<1%), Eldin Jakupovic (<1%), Andy Carroll (<1%), Harry Kane (<1%), David Silva (<1%), Hal Robson-Kanu (<1%), Alexis Sanchez (<1%), Toby Alderweireld (<1%), Kevin de Bruyne (2%), Christian Eriksen (2%), Harry Maguire (2%), Leroy Sane (3%), Mousa Dembele (4%), N’Golo Kante (4%)

3rd Place:- Diego Costa (5%)

2nd Place:- Zlatan Ibrahimovic (24%)

And the winner is….

Best Opposition Fans

Received Votes:- Inter (1%), Watford (1%), Swansea (1%), Arsenal (1%), All shit like ours (1%), Everton (joke) (1%),  Middlesbrough (2%), WBA (2%), Leicester (2%), Man City (2%), West Ham (3%), Bournemouth (3%), Liverpool (3%), Spurs (3%), None (3%),  Burnley (4%), Chelsea (6%), Hapoel Beer Sheva (7%), Hull (8%)

3rd Place:- Sunderland (9%)

2nd Place:- Man Utd (11%)

And the winners are…..

Best Saints Related Tweeter

Received Votes:- benstanners (<1%), Me (<1%), Nathan Redmond (<1%), TalkSaints (<1%), saintandy7 (<1%), jamiedriver98 (<1%), Healey17 (<1%), Puel_Out (<1%), chrs00 (<1%),  Max Sopel (<1%),  Lucy Highnett (<1%), Deppo (<1%), alexgbourne (<1%), Alex Crook (<1%), Saints News & Views (<1%), Whoever did the Long Titanic video (<1%), Always SFC, (<1%), saintsmike (<1%), Billy Fingers (<1%), Brian Smithson (<1%), Not you (<1%),  Consortium 11 (<1%), Archers Road (<1%), Oriol’s Northam Army (<1%), Soton PL_panel (<1%), TheFalseLibero(<1%), St. Mary’s Musings (<1%), Anyone but MLG (<1%), Simon Peach (<1%), Don’t use twitter (<1%), Fresh Saints (2%), Matt Le Tissier (2%), Cedric (2%), Maya Yoshida (2%), Official Account (2%), Dubai Saints (2%), L1MINUS10 (3%), Hugo Scheckter (4%), Luke Osman (7%), Adam Blackmore (7%)

3rd Place:- @crstig (9%)

2nd Place:- @SamDobson1 (10%)

And the winner is…… @SAINTSINFRANCE!

So that concludes this season’s Ali’s! Congratulations and thanks to everyone who voted and massive congratulations to all the winners!.A big thank you to Alistair Downs for the Photoshop wizardry! Keep the faith!

For previous years awards results see here:-


2016/17 End of Season Awards!

A different season for Saints than we have been used to of late, so close to a major trophy, yet  a turbulent run of results in the league and a poor European campaign. But. It’s that time of year again!

Forget the ‘official awards’  now it’s time for the only ones the real fans have any interest in! The Ali’s.

Who has stood out? Who will win one of these coveted trophies?

You decide.

If you want to have your say on who should be honoured, just fill out the following form, all votes will be anonymous and collated with the winners revealed at the end of the season!

For the ‘Player of the Year’ award, a winner vote get’s the player 2 points. A runner up vote gets them 1 point. The player with the highest combined total will get the ‘Ali’.

For previous winners see here:- Awards History

* – There is no actual physical trophy.


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