Ronald Koeman hits the ground running as Southampton eye Danny Ings and Steven Caulker

Southampton’s new look team have had a fruitful trip to Belgium over the last week or so, seeing off Dutch side EHC Hoensbroek and Belgian side Sporting Hasselt 4-0 and 6-0 respectively.

New boy Graziano Pelle hit the ground running with two goals in his first 45 minutes of Saints football against Hasselt, while fellow newcomer Dusan Tadic and young winger Sam McQueen also stood out.

This was a flying start to life under Ronald Koeman, and although the opposition aren’t exactly world beaters, goals breed confidence and winning is fuelled by winning. This is shaping up to be one of the most interesting pre-seasons in Saints’ history, with more players certain to come in.

The latest names to appear to be getting closer to St Mary’s are that of Burnley forward (and Southampton fan) Danny Ings and Cardiff…

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10 thoughts on “Ronald Koeman hits the ground running as Southampton eye Danny Ings and Steven Caulker”

  1. just so much bullshit from Saints this summer if they continue to treat their fans this badly they will end up playing to empty stadia. No signings of any account and all of our best players being sold, is this called ambition??? LIEBHERR OUT OUT OUT

    1. They are buying transfers take time. David lieberr saved our club and the players that have actually left wanted to leave we have not sold anyone else plus we replaced two and looking to replace and add for any others you don’t know what your talking about. COYR

      1. Lovren and Schneiderlin will leave Rodriguez maybe also. Thats half the team and the best players all gone.I dont know who David Liebherr is either msut be Markus s cousin lol he would be turining in his grave to see what his daughter has done.

    2. You are obviously entitled to your opinion,but I really think that you are not looking at the bigger picture,only three players have been sold as at 20th July,two moving on of their own choosing and one who was good business for both the player and club,both signings so far imo are ambitious,given the current state of the transfer market,not marque,I will acknowledge,but nonetheless less significant,perhaps you would like to suggest whom you would like to see the club sign.

  2. So far I have been proved one hundred percent right. Lovren is on his way so is Schneiderlin and I dont expect Rodriguez to be here at the start of the season either. There are somne very naive people in Southampton, take off rose tinted spectacles, Katarina Liebherr is a ****** in a skirt and a *** **** at that. I am gob smacked that so many were taken in by the Liebherr myth, everything that that woman had done suggests she is out to asset strip, and the players have made it easy for her to do so. We will be left with the bare bones, and the sad fact is no ambitious player will sign for that woman Koeman or no Koeman, I am speechless with rage, but as helpless as the next fan but my training is such that there was no other conclusion to be drawn from the steps she has taken, which include the departure of Cortese, the appointment of two men unsuited to the jobs they were given, Reed and Krueger, the only surprise being the appointment of Koeman. My belief is that she will sell the club shortly, she will not want to show her face at St Marys as fans suddenly realized how badly hoodwinked they have been by this woman, The biggest lie of all was this extraordinary statement from Reed that all money received would be reinvested in the playing squad. I dont believe there will be any more signings, certainly not of the kind that Cortese might have made.We might get Vlaar but I have my doubts.

    1. David, you are as entitled to your opinion as much as the next man, but please leave the personal insults and nasty language to yourself. Next time I will delete the entire comment rather than star the words out.

      Sadly, it seems many of our players were taken in by Cortese’s impossible dream and naturally a lot of the fans followed, but the club is not asset stripping. Players will be brought in, try and show some patience.

      1. Auto editing of comments obviously does not work. I agree we are not asset stripping. I am severely peeved that people seem to think we should be forcing people to stay and spending millions all the time. We need to grow steadily and will become a force over the next few years. A few good signings each window is enough. Don’t expect miracles straight away

    2. who is this prick are you a skate in disguise ? pelle and tadic ideal replacements for lambert and lallana and yes we will probably lose lovren and Schneiderlin but if they no longer want to play for this great club then so be it!but money will still be spent on replacements did you not see koemans interviews?there is a welcome transparency within the club which we have not seen while cortese and pottichino were there,yes i agree Reed has made himself look a twat and krueger has a lot to learn but cortese new nothing of football at first.before all the doom and gloom merchants start gobbing off lets see how things pan out i was unsure of koeman but at the moment he is making all the right moves.The Saints forever.

  3. We have to have faith! The departures have each been like a twisted knife but the appointment of Koeman and the signings of Tadic and Pelle both show ambition. Had we got Irvine as WBA have or someone like Malky Mackay, then the allegation of asset stripping would hold more strength – but we have hired a world renowned coach – the highest profile in our History. Man Utd have just netted £750m over 10 years for a Kit deal – we cant compete with their commercial income!

    Stop abusing Katharina before she takes her money having decided that it isn’t worth the hassle!

    3 years ago, we were exiting League 1 after the madness of previous regimes – have we forgotten our history?

    Keep the faith!

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