Saints must put teams like Everton to bed!

We’ve been here before. Saturday’s defeat to Everton was not the first time I have said Southampton were the better side but didn’t take their chances and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Tim Howard’s heroics denying Graziano Pelle and James Ward-Prowse aside, Saints didn’t create enough clear cut chances or trouble the American enough in relation to their dominance and that is an issue for Ronald Koeman to deal with as we head into an important run-in.

To stutter now and not get European football would be a sad end to a fantastic season for Saints, and they must find their goalscoring touch again to make it happen.

It is sod’s law of course that Everton scored with their only real opportunity, and that it would coincide with a rare piece of poor defending from their opponents, but this is the Premier League and…

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10 thoughts on “Saints must put teams like Everton to bed!”

  1. My best mate supports the Saints. Good club if you ask me but one thing that is evident is how you all have ideas above your station. Ive never met a bunch of supporters who expect to be winning things despite having never won anything significant in their history. Its quite unbelievable really.

  2. Now, lets not start getting like the rest of the idiotic fans in the league. ‘We should put teams like Evertonto bed’. Lets get this straight, Everton have much better individual players without doubt who have completely underperformed this season, where as Southampton ok-good players have pulled together and worked for their superb manager. Yes, we were poor against Southampton and yes, probably didn;t derserve to win….but that has been the case on half of our games this season and I;d never make a comment like that. You are still in a learning curve so lets see if you like us suffer from second season syndrome next year when your arrogance will be thrown back in your face. You have the right to beat no one and you are far from being a premiership ‘big boy’.

    1. No offence but if you think you’ve got better individual players than Saints right now then I’m afraid you are deluded.

      I know Everton are a massive club, but you massively overachieved last season with the squad you’ve got.

      1. Everton came fifth last season. Like in 2013. And in 2008 and in 2009.

        In 2012 we came 6th and in 2011 and 2010 we came 7th.

        Over achieve we certianly did not. We’ve been about the 6th/th best team in the premier league for just short of a decade now. Statistics don’t lie.

        Good on Southampton though. Would love for you to finish above Liverpool.

  3. Thought that Southampton were as good as any team to come to Goodison, bar Chelsea, so far this season.

    Well drilled, physically strong, only downside was you didn’t create enough.

    Good luck for the rest of the season, but think it might be better to see how Koeman goes next year, before you get European football.

    Lot been written about Everton and Europe, but if you do qualify for Europe but don’t get a good start in the League, all this Thursday, Sunday, football detaches you from the Prem a little. Better to build for me because Southampton really look like they have a good base to become a very good team.

    1. Totally agree Tony. We would love to emulate Everton last season, but should learn from you this season if we do.

      I don’t think Europa League has been your issue though. I think your squad overachieved last season and is being found out. That and Martinez isn’t a great manager in my opinion.

      We’ll see I guess.

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