Southampton are doing everything they can to sort replica kit issue, so why make a ‘story’ out of it?

If there is one thing that bothers me it is ‘not news’, especially when it is regards my football club.

The media is a powerful tool, and can with the right words be used to create ill feeling where none whatsoever is necessary.

After a ‘turbulent summer’ (this is now the most used Southampton related cliché since ‘meltdown’ and ‘firesale’), Saints fans might have been forgive for thinking they might get some respite from negative media attention now that it all seems to have turned out okay.

But no. Yesterday a local radio outlet, BBC Radio Solent, was dedicating a section of their show to the fact that the new Saints replica shirt was prone to the odd glitch and people were having to take them back. But what’s the story here?

Are the…

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