Southampton face West Ham United – a club that are hard to like

I’ve always liked West Ham United as a football club, for me they have always embodied London in footballing terms, far more so than the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs but in recent years they have made it increasingly difficult for me to retain my admiration.

This is largely a personnel issue granted, but there is something about Saints’ fixtures with the Hammers that really see me struggling to find any enthusiasm for them. Partly because of late they have always frustrated us, and I’m pretty sure nobody in football outside of East London enjoys smugness on the faces of Sam Allardyce, David Gold, David Sullivan and Kevin Nolan amongst others?

I know this is going to seem over the top and harsh, but those four people in particular make a club once famed for it’s expansive play and promotion of…

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One thought on “Southampton face West Ham United – a club that are hard to like”

  1. oblique if ridiculous train of thought, no club is perfect but you play a club not its managers, or directors
    as a west ham fan I enjoy seeing Southampton but never considered the clubs officials or directors responsible for a
    dislike of saints that could be considered churlish

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