Southampton must be wary of Stoke City’s ‘win at all costs’ mentality

When Victor Moses realised he couldn’t part the red sea that was the Swansea City defence last week, his dive to win a penalty was nothing short of scandalous.

In fact the scandal was three-fold, in that it was hard to decide which was the bigger disgrace; Moses for the tumble, referee Michael Oliver being fooled by it, or Mark Hughes for defending it. All three should be fined for bringing the game into disrepute, yet they won’t be. Swansea manager and ex-Saint Garry Monk, who merely stated the facts after the event, will be.

Something seems quite wrong there to me.

Ronald Koeman will need to be ready for the Potters’ ‘do anything to win’ attitude and not react to the antics that have gained them a bad name. It should come as no…

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