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World Cup of Foreign Imports: And the winner is….

Well it’s all over.

The final was a tight affair, but after a strong start from Virgil van Dijk, the little Latvian bounced back and once he found himself in front he never looked back.

In what is a massive case of coincidence, but so fortunately fitting, today happens to be the anniversary of Marian’s first Saints goal!


Marian truly was a special player, not just because of his undoubted ability but also they way he embraced the club and the city.

Ladies and Gentlemen, officially our best ever foreign signing.

The one, the only! Marian Pahars!


Thanks to everyone that voted!


World Cup of Foreign Imports: Semi-Finals

If this meaningless, pointless little fun competition has taught us anything, it’s that when it come to foreign imports Saints fans have been the winners.

The final four shows how lucky we have been over the years and made for an interesting mix. Three quality, gargantuan centre halves, and like a rose amongst the thorns, a slight, nippy Latvian forward. Great memories.

But who will win? I don’t think many would argue that any of the final four would be a worthy winner.

Here are the results:-



So it was the end of the road for both halves of a fantastic defensive partnership.

Good luck to our finalists!

You have 24 hours to decide the winner!


World Cup of Foreign Imports: Quarter Finals

The nineties fights back!

After some suggestion that more recent players were dominating because of the twitter demographic, the quarter finals proved that there is life in the old dogs yet!

Inevitably some big names fell, but it was all about the centre halves as three made it to the final four.

Here are the results of the quarter finals:-





All pretty conclusive with the exception of Killer vs the saviour of Liverpool’s season!

Here is the draw for the semi-finals:-

That concludes the semi final draw! Tune in tomorrow!


World Cup of Foreign Imports: Round of 16

After some controversial results in the group stages, the interest in the ‘World Cup of Foreign Imports’ hotted up!

The draw for the Round of 16 did not disappoint providing us with certainly the tie of the competition so far with two potential winners Morgan Schneiderlin and Marian Pahars going head to head.

The general consensus is that using the medium of twitter means a much younger voting spectrum and thus the results favour the more recent players, but I remind people of two things, firstly anyone can vote (<1% of the followers of the club official account are voting.) and secondly it is just for fun!

Here are the results of the Round of 16:-









Some close affairs and some one sided encounters but we most importantly we are down to our last 8!

Here is the draw for the Quarter Finals:-

8. Oriol Romeu will play 1. Virgil van Dijk

6. Marian Pahars will play 2. Antti Niemi

7. Dusan Tadic will play 3. Claus Lundekvam

4. Michael Svensson will play 5. Sadio Mane

That concludes the Quarter Final draw. Tune in tomorrow!


World Cup of Foreign Imports: Group Stages

I was pondering yesterday who had been the best foreign player to represent the South Coast’s finest?

I put the question to twitter and inevitably got a plethora of suggestions. So, never one to miss an opportunity I decided to follow up last year’s ‘World Cup of Saints Managers‘ with the ‘World Cup of Foreign Imports’.

I managed to think of 32 foreigners (apologies to those who missed out, but I am sure no potential winners did) who had shone for Saints and allocated them a unique number. I then used a random number generator to allocate groups (standard competition rules, top two to qualify for the Round of 16) and used the handy twitter poll function to get the popular (if wrong) choice.

Here are the results:-

Group A:-

Group B:-

Forgive them Matt. They know not what they do. I’m so sorry Ronnie.

Group C:-

Group D:-

Group E:-

Group F:-

Group G:-

Group H:-

What a start. Some huge names, notably Ivan Golac and Ronnie Ekelund have fallen at the first hurdle. Gutting for the Maverick Samba Assassin in Group H too!

So here is the draw for the Round of 16:-

12. Anders Svensson will play 1. Virgil van Dijk

9. Jose Fonte will play 8. Antti Niemi

16. Egil Ostenstad will play 13. Claus Lundekvam

5. Michael Svensson will play 3. Graziano Pelle

6. Cedric will play 14. Sadio Mane

7. Morgan Schneiderlin will play 11. Marian Pahars

4. Manolo Gabbiadini will play 15. Dusan Tadic

2. Oriol Romeu will play 10. Marek Saganowski

That concludes the Round of 16 draw. Tune in tomorrow!