What A Corker Magazine: Great New Project

A while ago I was approached by Nick Thompson about being the Saints contributor for his new project: ‘What a Corker’ magazine.

The premise of the magazine:-

‘The contributors vote to decide the goal of the month, which will be published on the front cover of the following issue and turned into a full animation. The winning goalscorer will be sent their goal on a t-shirt with their award. Merchandise, including the goal t-shirts, will be made available.

An open, honest publication trialling new features and commissioning thoughtful topical articles from guest writers. We’ll be listening to our readers, acting on their feedback and giving them a platform to share their views.’

These animations are based on the cult ‘Sensible Soccer’ games and look really good.

As an example, Nick asked me to pick Saints best goal so far this season, and I polled people on twitter, there were a few different choices, and then Puncheon scored his corker against Chelsea and I saw fit to go with that. As the last goal of the Adkins era it now seems fitting that the graphic is ready. And what a goal it was.


If you like what you see and the idea of the magazine, why not make a small investment and see this fantastic kickstarter project come to fruition. For full details go here:- http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mrnickthompson/publishing-three-trial-issues-of-what-a-corker-mag


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