1. Is there an article – or at least a post somewhere? Or is the question meant to be enough in itself?

    If the latter, the answer is NO, it’s not worth clicking on a link for.

  2. Agree with Geoff (above) but also think it’s a fact of life that with a footballer’s limited lifespan (10 years at the top , or until the next career-threatening injury), almost anyone who gets offered a move to a club who regularly finish top 6 and play in Europe , AND is offered a 50% wage-hike (which can help nail down an international spot for their country) would surely make a similar decision.
    Undoubtedly, Pochettino’s sudden exit triggered the panic that led to the mass exodus, and in hindsight some might have stayed had they known that Koeman was to replace him.
    ” Big teams ” with huge transfer budgets easily attract the best players in every club, and in so doing they somehow manage to” emasculate” the smaller clubs by taking their best talents.

    The average fan’s perception of players moving also has a twist to it. Few people would have denied the aging Rickie Lambert the chance to return to his boyhood club, whereas when Adam Lallana moved at the same time , many fans were angry at him “deserting our club”. The only benefit came to their bank balances as Liverpool’s (then) manager (Rodgers) failed to see the logic of playing them both at the same time, when their real success had been their 5 year partnership in the Saints side. However, many foreign players take the chance to make a quick buck..(or a few extra millions) – as it might be their only chance of wealth and they seize the opportunity when it comes.

    Anyone with real ambition in any walk of life wants to improve themselves and it’s foolish / naive to think otherwise.
    As for the others : Lovren and Van Dijk got the move(s) they wanted – Saints benefitted in a big way, and in return they will face the fans ire every time they visit SMS. It could be noted that (at the time) Mane left Saints – £34 million was a record fee for Liverpool and the highest fee Saints had ever received.

    Until/ Unless we can generate the huge income that top clubs achieve we will be limited in the ability to match salary levels with the likes of Liverpool, City and United, and good players will always be prey for top sides and the most we can hope for that we cash in if / when we get an offer we can’t refuse.

    The real irony is we now sit with c. £100 m. worth of players who seem to be “square pegs, and / surplus to requirements” and their collective salaries ( until their long contracts go out) may run to more than £30 million that Saints will need to find.

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