Why would Nathaniel Clyne leave Southampton for a ‘stepping stone’ club like Liverpool?

So that’s that then. Nathaniel Clyne plays two games for England, shows the rest of the country what Saints fans have been saying for two years, and immediately he is being coveted by Liverpool.

This is getting beyond a joke now isn’t it?

Does Brendan Rodgers not realise that there are other places he can look at players apart from St Mary’s and Wembley?

I’m hoping  Clyne has got his head screwed on and avoids any interest from the Reds like the plague, the evidence that he has is there, given that he turned down Manchester United for a regular starting berth with Southampton.

Liverpool’s massive overachieving of last season has come to a head with the loss of Luis Suarez and, despite spending the best part of £120 million, find themselves with Glen Johnson as a realistic selection…

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6 thoughts on “Why would Nathaniel Clyne leave Southampton for a ‘stepping stone’ club like Liverpool?”

  1. You can almost touch the bitterness in this article. If Liverpool want Clyne we will just take him like we took 3 of you this summer, because we are Liverpool and you are Southampton. Meanwhile, talking of overachieving enjoy your pre-Christimas slide down the table.

    1. Liverpool are an over rated club with an over rated manager. Pretty sure Saints will finish above Liverpool this season irrespective of what happens over Christmas. Doubt Clyne would want to join them but if he did then for Saints to agree it would be for a huge fee and look what you did to Lovren – clueless.

    2. And there was me thinking Totteringham had the monopoly on deluded arrogance. Thanks to your club for providing the finance to improve our team but Brenda should be ashamed of himself for conning Lambert into joining your bunch of mis-fits and screwing up the last couple of years of his top class career.

  2. Dave. Wake up and smell the coffee mush, take a long hard look at the table, followed by a reality check, then carry on hurting. You poor deluded soul. OK situation may well be reversed later in the season but right now we are enjoying it to the full and then some. Reports of our demise may have been premature. Rodgers said he didn’t feel sorry for Southampton as he plundered us in the summer and right now we are hoping that he still feels as secure in his superior, elitist, conceited, smug, self-satisfied complacent little scouse world. How embarrassing it must be to be a Liverpool fan. Fancy having to keep looking at little old Southampton and admit that they are doing something better than the (mighty? more like might or maybe!) ) Reds. Has Rodgers not got an original thought in his head? Can he not find or develop his own talent? Apparently not. Easier to be like a spoiled kid in a sweet shop – mummy, mummy, I want, I want). However, I think we did him up like a kipper in the summer. We extracted top dollar for Loveren and Lambert and they’ve worked out really well for you haven’t they (and Lallana will fade sooner or later). The difference between you and a dozen other clubs last season was the biter. Now he’s gone there is no difference. p.s What’s the matter with Rodgers’ skin. He always looks as though his skin is flaking off. Perhaps he’s shedding his skin like the snake he is.
    Is this post vitriolic, scornful, derisive? Yes because what goes around – comes around. There are ways to act in life, sport and business which involve integrity and honour. During the summer Rodgers and Liverpool displayed none of these. But then that’s OK because they are Liverpool and everybody loves a cheeky scouser don’t they? Don’t they? Ask the question outside of the L postcode and the answer just may disappoint you.

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