World Cup of Foreign Imports: Group Stages

I was pondering yesterday who had been the best foreign player to represent the South Coast’s finest?

I put the question to twitter and inevitably got a plethora of suggestions. So, never one to miss an opportunity I decided to follow up last year’s ‘World Cup of Saints Managers‘ with the ‘World Cup of Foreign Imports’.

I managed to think of 32 foreigners (apologies to those who missed out, but I am sure no potential winners did) who had shone for Saints and allocated them a unique number. I then used a random number generator to allocate groups (standard competition rules, top two to qualify for the Round of 16) and used the handy twitter poll function to get the popular (if wrong) choice.

Here are the results:-

Group A:-

Group B:-

Forgive them Matt. They know not what they do. I’m so sorry Ronnie.

Group C:-

Group D:-

Group E:-

Group F:-

Group G:-

Group H:-

What a start. Some huge names, notably Ivan Golac and Ronnie Ekelund have fallen at the first hurdle. Gutting for the Maverick Samba Assassin in Group H too!

So here is the draw for the Round of 16:-

12. Anders Svensson will play 1. Virgil van Dijk

9. Jose Fonte will play 8. Antti Niemi

16. Egil Ostenstad will play 13. Claus Lundekvam

5. Michael Svensson will play 3. Graziano Pelle

6. Cedric will play 14. Sadio Mane

7. Morgan Schneiderlin will play 11. Marian Pahars

4. Manolo Gabbiadini will play 15. Dusan Tadic

2. Oriol Romeu will play 10. Marek Saganowski

That concludes the Round of 16 draw. Tune in tomorrow!


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