Cup dream is over, but for some it isn’t a dream anyway!

As I watched Southampton crash out of the FA Cup to an impressive Crystal Palace performance I was absolutely gutted.

Another year and another without a major trophy for my beloved club, taking the tally up to 40 years come next seasons cup final. Soul destroying, especially given the team we have this season and the likes of Chelsea, Manchester City and Spurs are already out.

Bob Dylan once said ‘For the times they, they are a’changin’ and what I found to my dismay, with regards to my fellow Saints fans that certainly rings true now.

Some of them seemed genuinely pleased that we were out, with the rhetoric that we ‘can concentrate on the league’ very much the reason. I was so stunned to see such a lack of regard for actually ‘winning’ a competition…

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One thought on “Cup dream is over, but for some it isn’t a dream anyway!”

  1. I must say I tend to agree with your view on our dismal FA cup exit. The added sickener is the fact that so many “top” teams also suffered the same fate and I can’t help but think we really missed a trick here.

    On another matter, I have a major concern about the quality of our current first choice keeper ; I have seen very little to suggest that he is actually good enough for the premiership. Apologists for Forster, I know, immediately point to the “Goals against” column but that is a highly simplistic response. He is fortunate to be playing behind a very competent defence. In the last 10 games or so (since our away draw to Villa) I reckon his errors have cost us at least 5 goals, and that’s being charitable. He is prone to appalling judgement on crosses and through balls, his distribution is wayward and, for a man of his immense bulk, he is lacking in assertiveness or maybe that should be “bottle.” Personally, I see Boruc as a far safer option – his record last season was tremendous despite that high profile Arsenal howler. In any event, we are in dire need of backup in this position.

    Keep up the good work and let’s just hope we can put yesterday’s result behind us. Regards, GT.

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