Hello darkness, my old friend

Saints are 18th in the Premier League with fourteen games to go.

‘Hello darkness, my old friend,
I’ve come to talk with you again.’

We’ve been here before. We hoped we’d never be here again, but the ever growing competitive nature of the Premier League means that for a number of reasons 2017/18 is one that will not sit comfortably in the memory whatever the outcome, unlikely FA Cup win aside.

Before I proceed I want to make my position clear. Were I in an executive position on the board of Southampton Football club Mauricio Pellegrino would be out of a job by now, in fact he’d have gone immediately after the frankly embarrassing Leicester thumping at St. Mary’s. Having said that I am prepared to accept that while his tactical naivety is the overwhelming factor in our current decline, it isn’t the only variable that has seen us slip into a relegation battle like it’s the mid-90’s.

But let’s start with the manager. Like it or not, the manager’s one and only remit really is to get results and he isn’t doing that. Saints have a habit of starting games well, which suggests he isn’t so tactically unaware, the problem seems to come once we are in front. His immediate thought process seems to be to stop what was working and settle for what we have. Sitting back and inviting pressure has only gone one way so far, three points have rapidly evaporated.

Great goal Sofiane, but we did discuss holding out for a point. So…

My other concern on the manager is his response to changes by the opposition or lack thereof. The Watford game is a perfect example of this. Saints were two goals to the good and comfortable against a side themselves in disarray, but their introduction of Troy Deeney changed the dynamic and Saints were on the back foot. We didn’t react (one like for like sub in the 63rd minute) and although there was a huge element of fortune in the Hornet’s equaliser, it had been coming and their reading of the situation meant they gained a point, our misunderstanding of it meant we dropped two.

We have won just four league games all season, and barring an element of fortune against West Ham, a Forster masterclass at Selhurst Park and a moment of individual Boufal brilliance it could so easily be one. I know it’s not as simple as that, and we could analyse our draws and defeats and make a case for where we deserved more, but the fact of the matter is, our only truly convincing league win this season was a home thrashing of Everton, who themselves were in free-fall (something they have rectified with a new manager).

But. I think we have to accept that the manager isn’t going, if there was any chance he was under scrutiny by the board then surely they’d have made their move by now? So assuming it isn’t coming then we have to look at what else is going wrong.

I’ve seen many question the qualities of the squad, but to me this is poppycock and a compelling argument as to why the manager has failed. This is not a bottom three squad. No way. I will argue that with anyone. We have a better and more talented group of players than 5 or 6 clubs currently above us in the league. Is it as strong as it was in previous seasons, no I don’t think it is, but departures have weakened it, not destroyed it completely.

We do have an issue with a lack of depth. An injury to Charlie Austin (given his history, something that shouldn’t have taken anyone by surprise) and our already lacking goals scored column becomes almost non-existent. A caveat to this though is that we do have a talented striker not getting game time? If we go down with Manolo Gabbiadini as unused sub we’ll be a laughing stock.

The same could be said for Mario Lemina. The lad looks like a real talent yet seems to be out of favour, if you add Sofiane Boufal to the mix that is three of our better players getting splinters.

The mis-use of Steven Davis is frustrating to see also. For me Davis is a consistently good performer in a Saints shirt, if he is played as part of the support three. He isn’t a defensive midfielder, and always plays poorly when asked to be one. The fact that he has been used there when Romeu, Lemina and Hojbjerg are available is baffling to say the least.

Decent. Team.

Football isn’t rocket science. Play your best players, and in the position they are most suited to play.

The biggest factor and the one that is effecting everybody is ‘the fear’.

‘And the vision that was planted in my brain,
Still remains.’

There is a trepidation amongst the players, coaching staff and fans alike that is worrying to say the least, and the capitulations from winning positions reek of 2004/05 and the last time we dropped out of the top flight.

The atmosphere on and off the pitch is the same now as it was then. As most of you will know my physical presence at games is limited now due to my living abroad, but I did have the ‘pleasure’ of being at the Huddersfield game. Again Saints led and looked comfortable, but the Terriers equaliser was met with ‘the fear’, and we might consider ourselves lucky to have come away with a point. Immediately the players heads dropped and the attitude of the crowd changed, like the outcome was now a foregone conclusion.

Overcoming ‘the fear’ will be key to our survival this season, and that is where the crowd plays it’s part. We are Southampton, this isn’t our first relegation battle. We have to draw on that experience, and those of us who, like me, were there for the regular anxiety of the 90’s will tell you that one of the reasons we were very good at getting out of it was the backing of the crowd.

Nobody wanted to come to the Dell in that situation because the crowd backed it’s players and got on top of the opposition and we have to make sure St. Mary’s is the same. Especially when we entertain those around us. It’s all very well getting up for Spurs, but just like the players, we as fans have to take the same attitude into games against Brighton etc.

And please. Get off Nathan Redmond’s back. A promising player who was recognised by England looks a shell of his former self, and some of the abuse he has received while other under-performers seemingly get off scot-free is frankly disgusting.

I know it’s frustrating to watch at times, but to a point you are stuck with the manager and the players, so back them. Save your discontent for the end of the season come what may.

As fans our input is only vocal but it is important. Don’t let the players be faced with the sound of silence.

Keep the faith.

7 thoughts on “Hello darkness, my old friend”

  1. Excellent piece, really summed up my feelings at the moment. The only point not expanded on is why it is the board won’t act now and remove Pellegrino? Undoubtedly a nice fellow, but completely out of his depth. The managerial failings are blatantly obvious to anyone watching the team so why sit back and do nothing? I can only assume certain members of the board don’t want to lose face having made another managerial mistake. That is where the fans should be aiming their frustrations in my opinion. Marco Silva sacked from Watford, I’d have him in a flash. An ambitious young manager who could buy into the next Southampton 5 year plan.
    Keeping my fingers and everything else crossed for what’s to come before the final whistle.

  2. Well said, agree with most of it.
    Pell or Silva, the sooner we take on board the position we are in and support Saints to get out of it the better.
    As in the Spurs game, we need to be cheering every tackle, shot, block, run. Every game from now on is a Cup Final, lets hope we don’t take it to the wire as in “Sellhurst Park”
    COYS and we are still in the FA Cup!

  3. Good piece, don’t wholly agree with the Davis comments, his error recently led to Watford’s first goal. Other midfielders should now get more game time, not Davis. Our recruitment fallback plan for an ailing forward line has not been addressed since last season which is a major factor towards our plight. VVD was a bad smell for too long in the club. The manager’s win ratio pre Saints was not great which makes you wonder why we recruited him in the first place. Is Les Reed past his sell by date? Why do we take so long to complete our transfers, January has almost come and gone. A fresh impetus of new faces is much needed if only to kick others up the backside who are underperforming.

  4. Good piece but not enough emphasis on the failure of the club, be it owners with their tightness or les reed being incompetent, but the failure to replace Mane/Pelle has been crucial.
    We have been left with one forward who can’t score, one who is injury prone and the other who doesn’t suit the manager’s style.

  5. Every word gold,!! Exactly what I feel. I have never favoured this manager and new he was a defensive characterokay now that he is getting backup you have to adapt

  6. Great article. For me our predicament lies squarely with the board. Having been seen to sack Puel too early, the board seem intent on compounding that error by keeping Pellegrino too long – perhaps to demonstrate they’re not a sacking board. Too wrongs don’t make a right, and I fear that the board’s inertia, dithering, incompetence – call it what you will – is going to cost Saints their Premiership postion.
    Wholeheartedly agree with supporters getting behind the team, buts let’s face it, the fan base makeup has changed significantly since the Dell days. Now we have people who largely sit on their hands and say/sing/shout nothing. Frankly, most of the people in the chapel stand where I sit are an embarrassment with their lack of vocal support most of the time. Not sure what can be done about that – just a sign of the times, I guess. Perhaps ‘real’ supporters are being priced out? Whatever, St. Mary’s too often feels like a morgue – yet when I’ve been away in recent seasons, it’s rare that you get a similar lack of atmosphere – with the notable exception of Chelsea a few weeks back. Spurs game was different to a degree, because some effort was shown by the team – I hope that continues against Watford, Brighton and the rest of the season. So I guess I’ll continue to sing etc and hope the club make the right decisions and pray we are not sucked down to the championship. Those who say that would be no bad thing need theirs heads examining. Ask any of the likes of Nottingham Forest, Aston Villa etc etc etc.

  7. Good signings (Corrillo on his way!), a strong team spirit and a positive atmosphere from the fans will lead us out of the darkness. I strongly believe that! This manager needs time to develop his ideas for this club and this league. Then let him be judged. He is already improving return results. 3 of the last 4 matches were loses in the first half of the season turned in the return fixtures to draws. If he turns most of the draws into wins too then we’ll be fine. It’s early signs that he is indeed improving.

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