How Southampton’s Markus Liebherr pavilion will be the foundation for future glory

Wednesday marked the opening of the new Markus Liebherr pavilion at Southampton’s Staplewood training ground, and I was lucky enough to receive a guided tour that evening.

The building has been a long term project, a product of the vision of the late Herr Liebherr and it’s naming is an understated tribute to a humble, understated man.

It is perfectly fitting that the centre of excellence that will oversee the progress of generations of future football stars is named after the man who oversaw the progression of this great football club.

When I got the message on Twitter that I was one of the lucky winners of the #SaintsJob competition I felt like Charlie Bucket tearing open his Wonka bar and revealing a ‘Golden Ticket’, it is rare that supporters get the chance to go behind…

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