Life Saint Easy: A Journey Through Football Joy & Despair

This is the true story of one man’s journey through football failure, from the Premier League to the Premier League via the Championship, League One and all four corners of the globe.

Chapter One: The Beginning. The seeds of inferiority are sewn.

Chapter Two: Awakening

Chapter Three: Relegation Battles

Chapter Four: Managerial Merry-go-Round

Chapter Five: The Realisation that I might never be a Professional

Chapter Six: The Army

Chapter Seven: Back in the Mix

Chapter Eight: The Fall & Fall of Southampton Football Club

Chapter Nine: South Coast Rivalry: A definition of Love & Hate

Chapter Ten: The Circle is Complete

Chapter Eleven: The Premier League, have I missed something?

4 thoughts on “Life Saint Easy: A Journey Through Football Joy & Despair”

  1. Brilliant, brilliant read. Chris Rann captures effortlessly, the covertness of becoming indoctrinated into becoming a Saints supporter.

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