Southampton can prove they belong with the elite by beating Manchester United

Remember when fans of Spurs, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and Manchester United kept telling us that we had only played ‘easy teams’ in our run of good form?

Some interesting results in the Premier League this past week, Sunderland 0-0 Chelsea, Newcastle 2-1 Chelsea, Liverpool 0-0 Sunderland, Spurs 0-0 Crystal Palace, Stoke City 3-2 Arsenal. Not to mention countless others over the course of the season. Not so easy now then I guess?

The worst part of the past two defeats against Manchester City and Arsenal have been not the defeats themselves but the plethora of smug ‘I told you so’ responses to them from our under-qualified television pundits. Though Saints were soundly beaten by City, the defeat at Arsenal was desperately unlucky but that will of course be ignored.

Given the results this weekend, Monday…

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