Southampton fans should enjoy struggles of Adam Lallana and Dejan Lovren at Liverpool while it lasts

As a Saints fan it is difficult not to take a little pleasure in watching Dejan Lovren and Adam Lallana struggle in the early days of their Liverpool careers.

Unfortunately for the two Saints’ departees, who left the club this summer without an ounce of professionalism, they now play for a club whose games are pretty much all televised, meaning the world is tuning in to watch them stink up the place as they struggle to adapt.

Liverpool have had a laborious start to the season, which possibly to be expected after both losing Luis Suarez and performing above themselves in the previous campaign. However, after a home defeat to Aston Villa and then an undeserved victory over Ludogorets on their return to the Champions League last night (not to mention the unconvincing win over us…

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14 thoughts on “Southampton fans should enjoy struggles of Adam Lallana and Dejan Lovren at Liverpool while it lasts”

      1. Ricky isnt even getting a game, and to be honest no saints suporter would enjoy seeing him struggle. The thing is he is a quality person with respect for saints and for his own reputation. Lovren and Lallana are quite happy to look like greedy children if they get more money and an early chance to play in Europe. Unfortunaly they appear to be getting a little more than they bargined for and Liverpool are getting a little less. Perhaps Lovren will setlle. I cant say the same for Adam…Sterling or Lallana.. you decide

    1. 1. Yes we were overpaid – thank you kindly for taking them off our hands for much more than we had to spend to replace them with better quality players. The £40m+ we still have in the bank for January reinforcements if needed makes a very comfortable pillow to rest our heads on

      2. Whinging? I believe we are laughing at Lallana and Lovren’s “dream” moves turning into a nightmare and by proxy laughing at your stupidity in believing the hype

      3. Embarrassed? Embarrassed by what? Proving the bookies and the naysayers wrong? Playing football that leaves opposition fans in awe? Having an academy most of the press suggests in second only to Barcelona? Having players falling off the conveyor belt to replace those that have their heads stuffed to far up their own arses?

      I love that a Liverpool fan has taken the time to comment on here – not exciting enough at your own club websites? I hope our players weren’t listening as your fans sang YNWA because it got stuck in Lovrens head apparently and now he’s shit!

  1. Liverpool were poor last night, they were ok in midfield but gerrard had to defend a lot against a team I can’t remember, morano was ok in defence but I guess after over spending on unproven non world class players they were always going to struggle, it will be highlited more against bigger clubs

  2. personally I have nothing but gratitude for Lallana having helped us into the Prem. He could have managed his move a bit better. But let’s all be honest it’s his job and if another company came after me with an offer of doubling my wages I’d be gone. Rodgers and his tapping up and unsettling our players using the snake Gerrard to sneakily fish for our players, they both deserve a kick in the balls. Never mind as it looks like you’ve done us a favour as we have upgraded in all departments. I’ve never known such a strong Southampton team. still living the dream… cheers for the cash suckers

  3. Wow can’t believe you have made article just to say that haha
    Was it hard to write ??? to do the research???
    We bought the players gave your club loads of money for them and did it quite early so you had time to rebuild. Stop crying and write something interesting otherwise jog on !
    Thank you

      1. Don’t think he has read this. A great article and valid points made. Maybe he can’t read… but he knows how to do question marks… ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? 🙂

  4. A great article? Sounds sad and bitter to me though why that should be baffles me -u got overpaid, u think u got better replacemements so u should be happy 😉
    Personally I don´t think much of Lambert as a player although he may well be a great guy -Lallana not sure -Lovren will be good once he settles albeit overpriced.
    As for being on Southampton sites have u never heard of data gathering sites such as newsnow where all ur meanderings about our club appear? Enjoy your mediocrity.

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