Southampton would not want under-fire Newcastle United boss Alan Pardew back at the club

Saints’ visitors this weekend come in the form of Newcastle United, and their fanbase are less than happy with still having former St. Mary’s boss Alan Pardew at the helm.

Saints fans themselves have an odd, perhaps uncomfortable relationship with Pardew, and one that can only be filed under ‘he did alright on the pitch’. When he was dismissed by then chairman Nicola Cortese the fans reacted badly, because there could be little complaint as to the achievements of the side from a playing point of view, but little was spoke about the reasons why he went, though plenty of rumours followed.

It seems pretty popular opinion that while Pardew is a competent enough football manager, he perhaps isn’t the most likeable of people. With other incidents at other clubs and very few former club’s fans really talking about him…

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4 thoughts on “Southampton would not want under-fire Newcastle United boss Alan Pardew back at the club”

  1. Tbh I think he was one of the most underrated managers saints have had, his signings were key for promotions and his cup win was great, he had good signings at Newcastle but sold the best players they had and didn’t replace

  2. He got lambert in and Morgan and other key players while on league one, without him and them saints would not be in the prem, would he be wanted back? No, needed back? No, app revisited him though, yes, ps don’t think fonte would want him back

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