Stay Safe With The Saints…

Heading to St. Mary’s to watch Saints is all about fun. Football after all is a form of entertainment, and for generations supporters have gone to the game to get their football fix with their only care being the outcome of that day’s match. This does not mean that being in the confines of the ground makes you immune from any ailments and illnesses you may have and often they pay no respect to location and situation.

That is where the SDSA (Saints Disabled Supporter Association) have stepped in. After an incident at St. Mary’s they wisely thought that it would be a good idea for supporters to carry an ‘Emergency Medical Card’ to assist first aiders with any medical history you might have, should you be taken ill at a game. This makes perfect sense. Those attending you will not know you or anything about you and any background health information could help them save your life!


The SDSA are providing these cards for free, but would appreciate a donation.

The SDSA committee launch the EMC scheme before the QPR game.
The SDSA committee launch the EMC scheme before the QPR game.

The SDSA are working hard with the club to ensure that Saints facilities are in the top 5 in the country for disabled supporters (they are already ranked in the top 10), so help them help keep you safe by signing up for a medical card.

For more details on the card, please read the following link:- and you can contact the SDSA via twitter here:-


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