That’s entertainment? Aston Villa’s draw with Southampton was no ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’

So last night I decided to watch a movie.

It is the tale of two sides battling it out, one protecting it’s home, the other trying to get in to that home and take something that they believe is theirs with minimal fuss. The home side are primitive in style but well organised with a quiet leader, assisted by someone both hairier and more aggressive.

It inevitably becomes a predictable stalemated battle between the sophisticated, modern thinking visitors with their intricate tools and the basic, counter attacking, route one, simple but effective style of the guarding simians.

It is a clash of cultures and one that is a complete mismatch on paper, but the endeavour of the hosts sees them hold their own.

A mistake by the visitors sends the peaceful beginning into a chaotic conclusion. Nobody wins, everybody…

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