Why Southampton’s rise isn’t that much of a fairy tale

Southampton are currently in their third consecutive season in the Premier League.

That’s already more time than they spent in League One back in 2009-2011, in fact of the last 36 seasons, they have spent just two season’s in the third tier, and 29 in the top flight,

So can we stop going on about it now?

Sure, the drop into League One was a wake up call for Saints fans, and really made us appreciate what we had perhaps taken for granted; but make no mistake, the return to the Premier League is no coincidence. This is a Premier League club and back where it belongs.

That doesn’t stop every reflective writer and journalist (I’ve done it myself) state with disbelief at the current position of the club ‘They used to be in League One…

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One thought on “Why Southampton’s rise isn’t that much of a fairy tale”

  1. It’s still fun to sing ‘We’ve come from League 1, we’ve come from league wu-un …”though…demeans the opposition whilst celebrating a really fun period in my 50+ year support of Saints 🙂

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