Your Dreams Are China In Your Hand…

Saturday 16th April 2011. 2200. Kunlun Gloria Seaview Hotel, Qingdao, China.

Most of the hotel guests are either in bed or enjoying a beer in the neighbouring bar after a long day on Act 2 of the 2011 Extreme Sailing Series.

One isn’t. One is sat in his room nervously watching text updates from the Official Southampton Football Club website, as his beloved club take on Bristol Rovers at St. Mary’s.

Guly do Prado wins the game in the 82nd minute after all indication from the text updates showed that Saints kept frustratingly knocking at the door without being let in. The win kept Southampton in second place in League One, with an advantage over the pursuing Huddersfield Town in third.

Not afraid of the dark...

Tuesday 18th April 2012. 0445. Kunlun Gloria Seaview Hotel, Qingdao, China.

Most of the hotel guests are sleeping soundly after a long day working on Act 2 of the 2012 Extreme Sailing Series.

One isn’t (he set his alarm). One is sat in his room nervously waiting for Sky Sports Score Centre to load on his Mac. His beloved Saints will have just finished their game against Peterborough United.

Saints have won. Goals from Jos Hooiveld (midweek cowboy) and Billy Sharp have secured the crucial three points. The win keeps Saints safe in second place in the Championship, with a five point advantage over West Ham in third.

Supporting Saints isn’t a hobby. It’s a religion. Like most religious people Saints fans don’t let being in another country stop them worshipping.

I am extremely lucky. I do a job where I get to travel the world, the inconvenience of  following Saints on those trips is not that often. This post is dedicated to all the Saints fans around the world who live permanently on foreign shores. They may not be at St. Mary’s every week (neither am I), but their support is no less passionate.

起来的圣人 (Up the Saints!)


5 thoughts on “Your Dreams Are China In Your Hand…”

  1. Fair play, nice to hear and see, all our support is so much appreciated, I stay in Scotland and get to four or five games a season. When i am at the match i make sure i give 110% to the boys. uts coyrs.

  2. The relief of getting up this morning in dusty Abu Dhabi to face my 2 West Ham supporting colleagues is overwhelming! Club tie on, chin up, chest out. It doesn’t matter where you are, sing up: “Oh when the Saints!”

  3. Know what you mean we are in Qatar and have been in the Middle East 26 years. Have listened to them on the World Service before the internet took off. A lot easier to keep in touch now and returning to the UK later this year just in time hopefully.

  4. Nicely summarised…I too find myself fighting jetlag and time difference to avail myself of the delights of ‘What sernts doan’t wanna do now’ Dave in various parts of the world!

    Last night however I experience the unadulterated joy of standing on a terrace, singing my throat raw and watching my team play attractive, effective and, vitally importantly, winning football.

    Life’s good…Ted, Markus are in their heavens and looking on with big smiles at their legacy!

  5. Fantastic read! Coming all the way from Singapore, I know how that feels, season ticket holder for 7 years and now overseas, but still watch every game that hits the TV. Saints is defiantly a religion!

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